“Project Design and Management”

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Irpin for a four-day conference hosted by the American Peace Corps on “Project Design and Management.” 72 volunteers of group 51 and their Ukrainian counterparts worked diligently these few days in sessions about the creation of goals and objectives, formation of an action plan, how to monitor and evaluate the success of a project, developing a budget and resources, the tax system of Ukraine in regards to NGOs, and how to work through the process of applying for a grant. Not only were the scheduled activities beneficial, but the relationships formed from living together with such a diverse group of people from all over Ukraine will surely spur the creation of magnificent partnerships in the future. Our organization worked many hours on the creation of a potential future project, “Golden Girls”, related to our honored elderly within Davydiv and how we can help increase their involvement and importance within our community. It was truly inspiring to see so many amazing project ideas proposed by American volunteers and Ukrainian counterparts working hand in hand and it is exciting to see how the passion of all those involved will shape the future of Ukraine! Special thanks to Peace Corps for hosting the conference and to all of the knowledgeable trainers helping guide our ideas into fruition.


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